Wedding Timeline Questionnaire 

I am so excited to capture your big day! Please spend a few minutes to fill out the information bellow so that we know what your plan is. We want to be prepared so that we capture every moment! 

You may come across a few questions that you don't know the answer to, thats fine! Just try to fill it out as best as you can. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions! 

General Information
Name Of Bride/Groom *
Name Of Bride/Groom
Name of Bride/Groom *
Name of Bride/Groom
Phone *
United States 001
Emergency Contact
Emergency Contact
Wedding Coordinator/Planner
Wedding Coordinator/Planner
If you do not have a planner please specify who I can contact the day of for anything we may need help with.
Please leave blank if you do not have one.
Which Second Shooter do your prefer?
Wedding Date *
Wedding Date
Estimate when you would like me to arrive on your wedding day
Estimate when you would like me to leave.
Location #1
Please allow time between each event
Where will the bride be getting ready?
What events will take place?
Check all that apply
Location #2
Where will the groom be getting ready?
Location #3
Where will the Ceremony Take Place?
Ceremony Details
Are you going to see each other before the ceremony for couple photos?
Please leave a minimal of 30 minutes for bride & groom photos and 30 minutes for bridal party photos. And 30minutes for family photos. We typically prefer two hours. (Keep in mind - more time= more photos)
Reception Details
Would you like a group dance floor photo?
Also specify if there are any special family situations (boyfriends, girlfriends, step parents, ect...) that we should know about.
This includes DJ, Hair & Makeup, Wedding Planner, Designer/Florist, Venue, Cake, Catering, Rentals ect...